Prerobins windowpare for Magic (wand optional)

“If you have a desire to move forward, a way is being prepared for you.”  ~Bryant McGill

The Universe works in mysterious and magical ways.  She does not give up Hersecrets easily.  They are learned when the time is right.


Winter is beautiful at Terra Nova Center. We look forward to Spring and seeing you all again at Terra Nova Center. We open to the public April 1, 2015. Reservations and day trips can be arranged by calling Lianne Starnes at 828-877-4549

Meet Rev. Marian Starnes

Rev. Marian Starnes, Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Author. She is the co-founder of The Brigade of Light and along with Rev. Lianne Starnes manage the day to day details of Terra Nova Center.   Read More Here


There are many ways you can help keep this Lighthouse on the mountain shining bright. Keeping us in your prayers and meditations, remembering our mission and sending positive energy towards our work. You can help by volunteering your time to come and help clear trails and work in the gardens. Your tax deductible donations go along ways towards keeping things running around here and provide much needed funds to help those in need in our community. Your contributions to our food pantry helps us feed one more family for one more day. So join us won’t you? In this effort to hold a space of peace and fellowship, while serving those in need around the mountain. Please consider a donation to Terra Nova Center using our safe and secure Pay Pal interface. Each donation no matter what size counts very much towards helping us meet our goals.

Together We Can Create Miracles